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This research report is a module carved out of the full Physical Access Identity and Credential Infrastructure Report, offered separately for a reduced price. See table of contents for details.

Mobile is pervasive everywhere – except physical security. But it’s coming. While most were cautious only a couple of years ago, nearly all vendors are jumping in to offer their own mobile solution. This research report investigates mobile credentials in physical security in terms of possibilities, actual current state capability segmentation, vendor approaches, what they get right and what they get wrong.

It also takes a deep look at how two paths are being formed; one of just virtualization physical cards to open doors and the other aiming to achieve something entirely different to do what legacy solutions could not. Exploring how new capabilities can be leveraged to transform end user security programs, and diving deep into how meaningful requirements can be formed and success measured.

Also, significant consideration and review are given to integrating with other systems, technologies, and counterparts; from IT to compliance as this technology necessitates revising not only physical security policy and procedures but conforming to many information security principles as it crosses the boundaries to devices, applications, and networks that physical security doesn’t own; and people that aren’t exclusive to their organization.

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