Human Subdermal Identification: Enterprise Employee Feasibility Assessment. Research Report

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This research report explores technology and human factors associated with implanting chips in humans that endeavor to blur the lines between inherent to limitations of human physiology by extending capabilities to more conveniently access to devices, applications and services.

 Implanting chips in humans for such purposes has existed in various forms for a couple of decades within the confines of hobbyist and “biohacker” communities. However, vendors are developing productized solutions for mainstream consumer and corporate use and media have taken interest in exploring the concept, but only in context of its novelty – not real-world application and feasibility. D6 Research analyzes human chip implant technology in context of deployment within enterprise organizations for the purposes of employee identification credentials as applied to physical and logical access use cases.

 Inclusive of real-world considerations for achieving high security outcomes, the report assesses various points of generally accepted conformance principles relating to policy, controls, operations, use cases, dependencies and overall contributions to security improvements. Also explored are factors related to user sentiment, perception, acceptance and analyzing root cause concerns, validity, and impact those factors may have from a legal, human resource, and privacy standpoint. This research provides clarity for interested parties to determine if human chip implants are feasible for enterprise organizations and distinguish barriers stemming from technology, people, and perception. Ultimately, providing a fair assessment with actionable insights that provides some remedy to media coverage that has generally lacked appropriate context, depth, and analysis.

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