Annual Physical Security Market Assessment: Current State & Outlook. Research Report

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The physical security market is entering an evolutionary phase that will completely redefine best practices, developments, and the vendor landscape. Traditional practices and solutions will fade in their effectiveness and the impact will be far-reaching for everyone – end users, vendors, channels, and even external stakeholders. While some changes are already visible, many are abstract and out of plain view; though well underway. This research report provides visibility into the current state of technology, practices, dynamics forcing significant changes, and how the market is evolving in response.

Research Scope

  • The research is focused around the evolutionary demands of end user global enterprises that aspire to high security, operational efficiency improvements, and organizational sustainability at scale.
  • Insights can be applied to other organizations that have more relaxed requirements (which is why we establish and provide transparency to our research methodology and “baseline” models).
  • Wide spectrum of market technology segments and audiences.
  • Factors driving changes, root cause, direct and indirect contributions.
  • Evolution of security program objectives and translation into requirements of end users.  
  • Parity between end user profile demands, availability and pace of technology improvement.
  • Displacement of fiduciary responsibility, accountability and decision-making processes.
  • Effects on the market, stakeholders, key developments.

Key Assessments & Findings

  • Current generally-accepted industry objectives and practices
  • Market technology segments, traditional purpose and function.
  • Detailed findings of end user dynamics, pressures, challenges resulting in trajectories to achieve specific outcomes versus feature and functional improvements.
  • Preparedness of end users, vendors and service providers; near and long-term.
  • Gap analysis between current-state, vendor consensus, and end user future-state goals.
  • Analysis of evolution; by technology segment, by the audience.
  • Impact to markets and its stakeholders; ability to adapt; consequences.
  • Predictions on segment growth, obsolescence, commoditization, and consolidation.
  • Predictions on the evolution of buyer responsibilities, organizational structures, and decision process.

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