Physical Security Identity Credentials and Infrastructure. Research Report

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Every organization has assets, facilities that contain them and doors to serve as a barrier to protect them. A couple decades ago a mass migration from keyed locks to magnetic stripe then to RFID took place. The objective was not security but to reduce the cost of replacing locks when keys went missing. Due to the pervasive proprietary approach vendors have employed to maintain channel loyalty and lock end users into their supply chain, achieving compatibility in parallel to acquisitions, third party facilities, and migrations to new technology is terribly complex.

This body of research is focused for end users to understand the variety of technology, trends, differences, and compatibility across the growing technology options from low frequency to high, smart card to and mobile, and other methods to facilitate improved management such as IP, key management and specific protocol standards. The work will explore both common and complex barriers to migration, provide actionable intelligence to build requirements and rank solutions unique to an organization and their circumstance and outline core methodologies to make the transition. A full vendor and technology landscape will be included.

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